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PRoject IN Controlled Environment(PRINCE2)

PRINCE2 is one of the most widely used project management methods in the world.Its adaptability nature has made project management methodology very popular among the Public & Private sectors. It provides the framework for the project to be highly productive with effective resource utilisation. Other project management methods are PMP, Agile, Scrum and APM.


  • Expertise led Training
  • Project Oriented approach
  • Axelos sample question papers &guide
  • Training and Learning Material
  • Multiple learning options
  • Exam Fees Included


  • PRINCE2 courses are accredited by People Cert on behalf of AXELOS ltd a joined venture with the cabinet office that has the rights of accreditation.
  • Updated in 2002,2005 and 2009, 2017
  • More than 100,000 exams taken each year

Course Details

What is the difference between PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner qualification?

The PRINCE2 foundation covers the principles, terminology and overview of the PRINCE2 methodology. The qualified individual can act as an informed member of a project team that adopts PRINCE2 methodology.

On the other hand, an individual who has qualified as practitioner will be able to run and manage a project that has adopted PRINCE2 by applying the methodology. The practitioner will have a broad understanding of the relationships between the principles, themes and processes.

What Industry, type and size of project can adopt PRINCE2?

Any type and size of project can adopt PRINCE2. There is no/requisite restriction in using the PRINCE2. PRINCE2 is developed in such a way that many businesses from various industries across the globe use the method on their projects. 

What benefit can I derive from PRINCE2 Qualification?

PRINCE2 qualification will boost your skills and confidence when managing projects and it curves path for improving employment prospects. Many organisations across private and public sectors mandate the use of PRINCE2 and expect their staff to be competent and to get qualified to practice the method.

What is PRINCE2 Agile?

The introduction of agile methodology into PRINCE2 framework has given more versatile and measurable output to the project environment. This adaptation has come into place due to faster paced project delivery adapting to the changes whilst delivering maximum return on Investment still holding best practice governance.

PRINCE2 foundation & Practitioner courses are intended to provide you with all the core skills and knowledge that you must possess to work on a PRINCE2 project or to work as a Project Manager.

We follow official AXELOS syllabus and includes the following:

  • Outline of PRINCE2 and the Principles supporting it.
  • The 4 integrated PRINCE2 elements.
  • The Themes (Business Case, Quality, Organisation, Change and Progress, Risk, Plans).
  • How the PRINCE2 Themes support the Principles.
  • The purpose of PRINCE2 Themes.
  • PRINCE2 Products (Projects and Management).
  • PRINCE2 Project resource hierarchy and Responsibilities.
  • PRINCE2 Process

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course applies the theory taught at the foundation level and teaches you how to apply it practically. It covers the following:

  • Overview of PRINCE2 and the seven Principles at its core.
  • The Customer and Supplier relationships.
  • The Themes (Business Case, Change and Progress, Quality, Organization, Risk, Plans).

Does PRINCE2 foundation and Practitioner certificates have any validity period?

Yes, the practitioner certificates have a validity period of 5 years and it’s recommended that the practitioners should re-register within the 5-year validity period to continue with the practitioner status. Failure to re-register within 5 years will result in withdrawal of practitioner status.

The foundation certificate carries lifetime validity.

How long is the examination?

Foundation Examination:

  • Time: 60 minutes or 1 hour
  • Total Questions: 60
  • Type: Closed Book & Multiple choice
  • Pass mark: 55% or 33 correct answers.

Practitioner Examination:

  • Time:2.5 hour Examination
  • Total Questions: 68
  • Type: Open Book (Authorised Manual only) & Scenario based multiple choice.
  • Pass mark: 55% or 38 correct answers.

Examination Schedules:

The Foundation and Practitioner exams are conducted on 3rd and 5th day of the course respectively. The delegates who have passed the foundation examination on the 3rd day of the course can proceed to the practitioner exam on the 5th day of the course. Any re-sits will be charged the fees as per the awarding body including the service charge and VAT.

Can I take online examination?

Yes, you can take both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams online using a remote web proctor solution that allows you to take your exams online, using a webcam, microphone and a stable internet connection. You can schedule your exam in advance, at a date and time of your choice. At the agreed time you will connect with a proctor who will invigilate your exam live.

What are the prerequisites for taking PRINCE2 Examination/Course?

There is no formal prerequisite for the PRINCE2 foundation qualification. However it is expected that the delegates will have a basic understanding on project management.

PRINCE2 Practitioner, it is compulsory for the delegates to have passed any one of the exams mentioned below before proceeding to the practitioner examination.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation (2009 or 2017 version)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D (Certified Project Management Associate)

PRINCE2 Agile: Yes, in order to sit the PRINCE2 Agile examination, delegates must have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, as PRINCE2 Agile is an extension module for PRINCE2 Practitioner.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation (Classroom) – 3 days - £650
  • PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner (Classroom) – 5 days - £755
  • PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner (Evening Classroom) – 5 days - £1055
  • PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner (Weekend Classroom) – 5 days - £875
  • PRINCE2 AgileFoundation & Practitioner (Classroom) – 5 days - £1575

*Prices are excluding VAT

What are the delivery methods of the course and examination?

The PRINCE2 course is delivered via classroom with 5 days class usually running from Monday to Friday (5 days). The foundation exam takes place on the 3rd day afternoon by the practitioner exam on the 5th day.

There also weekend classes that runs from Friday to Sunday (1 week) and Saturday and Sunday on the following week. Evening classes from 2:30PM onwards.

Note: All candidates attending the practitioner class and exam needs to pass the foundation course successfully.

PRINCE2, who is it for?

PRINCE2 training is key, as the principles, themes and processes need to be applied effectively to get a successful project.PRINCE2 is one of the most commonly chosen project management course around the globe. There is no pre-requisite requirement to do PRINCE2, however anyone who wants to get a practitioner qualification needs to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation examination.

PRINCE2 course is open to anyone and for those who are currently working or aspiring to be part of project management:


Project Manager

Aspiring Project Managers

Team Leaders

Board Members


IS PRINCE2 course Accredited?

Yes, our courses are accredited by globally recognised awarding body, PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS.


When can I get my results/Certification?

Usually all results are declared within few hours to few days depending on the type of exam you have taken.


Can I make a group Booking?

Yes, you can make a group booking with a minimum 5 people. You should contact our customer service for better offer


What is the procedure for rasing any concern?

You can raise any concern directly to our trainer. However, if you have concerns with teaching process then you should contact our customer service within 24 hours to get it resolved.


Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes, you can reschedule classes 10 days prior to start of our class.

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